Any ethical hackers out there, what are the pluses and the negatives?

I've been working in the legal advice industry but recently lost my job.   I am interested in a career in ethical hacking but I am slightly worried that it wont be a good fit for me, I have always dealt with people and their legal issues. Ethical hacking appears to be more of a business process type of career, I am not sure I am cut out for it. I  have watched some vids on Youtube but still dont have a tangible enough idea of what it will be like.  If there is anyone out there that can layout the pros and cons of this career choice, I would be grateful. PS - I am looking for a role with limited stress, so if this career option is stressful, please share - and also share what exactly makes it stressful/ not stressful/boring/exciting etc... Many thanks

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I highly doubt "ethical" hacking and the legal system belong in the same paragraph together.....

    Source(s): Judicial misconduct
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