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How to raise a child?

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    With an abundance of care, patience, attention, love, and forethought.

    Engage your child; stimulate his or her mind.

    Don't use your phone or the TV as a babysitter.

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    If you think Yahoo Answers is a good place to find this out, then please never have children.

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    Step 1 - Have a child

    Step 2 - Take care of every need of theirs for a minimum of 18 years

    Step 3 - Try to get them to move out

    Step 4 - Maybe by the time they are 30 they'll find someone to spend the rest of their lives with and they then will be someone else's problem instead

    Step 5 - Finally retire, do all the things you wanted to do before having kids

    Step 6 - Spoil your grandchildren

    Hint: Children are much more fun when they aren't yours :)

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    How high do you want to raise him?

    Picking him up by one ear is not recommended.

    If he is not heavy, wrap your hands around his waist and raise him up but, not more than 10 feet.

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