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Why do people think it's ok to homogenize (manipulate) temperature data? Or maybe you didn't hear about it from the left wing "news"?

Take a look at the before and after manipulated data. This is just one of countless examples.

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    It’s not okay to change the data.

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    1 month ago

    Cities are warmer,then the country side.   You don't need to take the word of scientists for that, you can notice this at night in winter when you drive between the cities and town.  And as cities expand, they overtake the measuring stations and the data needs to be adjusted.

    If I remember correctly, Clive Best (a denier) did a study on this and confirmed that without the adjustment, global temperature readings would have risen even more steeply.  You were around back then Cyclops, I don't understand why after all these years you deniers still try to repeat those false claims when one of your own confirmed the adjustments were needed.

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