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How do I get my makeup to look more prominent in photos?

Any tips on how to make my makeup more visible when I take a picture?

I know not to use the flash because it’ll wash out my face, but even without a flash I can’t get my makeup to stand out especially the eyes.

I try using the darkest colors possible to avoid it having a washed outlook, but even with black liquid eyeliner and dark gray eyeshadow, it looks like I’m not wearing anything at all... it’s very frustrating.

And can anyone recommend a good mascara that really stands out? I just tried angel eyes by Maybelline, I think it is, and it looked cute in the mirror but it doesn’t show up at all in photos either


Sorry, it’s push-up angel mascara by Maybelline which is very disappointing

Update 2:

Unfortunately I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on cheek fillers and lip injections to look like Huda Kattan. Believe me, though, if I ever won the lottery I would do plastic surgery on my whole entire face and make myself look like an entirely different person

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    Lighting. Face the sun/light  when you take the photo, and edit it with a darker gradient/contrast. 

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    Start with a classic defining shape. Neutral shadow over the lid will even things out, darker shadow in the crease will make your eyes pop, and highlighter at the inner corner and on the brow bone will brighten up the darker areas of the eye.

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    For tips on looking attractive you could probably do a lot worse than looking up Huda Kattan, and finding out her beauty tips.

    Regards to the other problem, it sounds like you are likely just self conscious and "think" you do not look good in photos.

    Apart from getting a new camera, i am not sure what else you can do.

    "Huda Kattan".

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