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Reminder to fellow millennials: We're the worst generation in the history of this country?

18 year olds in 1940s fought in world war 2 to save the free world

18 year olds in 1950 fought against communist/socialist totalitarian invaders of North Korea to defend South Korea and North Eastern Asia's freedom and liberty. Today, thanks to their sacrifice, South Korea ranks top 15 in the world GDP and has some of the highest living standards in the world

18 year olds in 1960 and 70s fought against the socialist/totalitarian communist of North Vietnam in an attempt to save South Vietnam's democracy and freedom. Almost one million Vietnamese fled communism and came to US

18 year olds in 1990 fought to protect our middle eastern allies and protect the world from Saddam Huessein's invasion, in an attempt to take over the oil fields of Kuwait

What kind of adversities or hardships have you had in your life? Trump winning 2016 and not having it your way with everything in life? You're absolutely the worst piece of **** generation that is entitled, complains and make no contributions but political activism. Grow the **** up.


a fellow millennial who is sick of progressive clowns who think they speak for the entire generation from middle class families when I busted my *** off from a poor family and avoided the liberal indoctrination

p.s - **** you


Today, you're socialist longing marxist scumbag piece of shits snowflake morons trying to rewrite history, after all the hard work from our previous generation against socialist totalitarian dictatorship to build prosperity and wealth for us. You guys are truly useless

Update 2:

Trump will win in 2020 and you will shed blood from your eyes, not because someone will cause you pain, but you having your tiny snowflake brain stuck up your ******* *** will take the result in such a way that you will make your stupid useless self to bleed from your eyes

Update 3:

try working hard sometimes, it's fulfilling and rewarding. thank me later.

Update 4:

What the **** are you talking about. Socialism is full of corruption and that's what they want.

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    I think that Millennials don't want to play the game of corruption they see around them.

    Their eyes are open to the fact that lobbyists representing large corporations control the governments.

    Every institution: family, education, economics...they're broken.

    We've all been brainwashed into thinking that we need to continue to live unsustainably so the economy could continue, but it was failing. Covid-19 put a stop to what was pushing countries in crisis into a world war.

    Historically that's how we were rallied behind the cause of them against us. Nature has shown us that we don't need to feed the purchasing machine. We are content with our basic needs.

    We are entering a new era. In truth, it's not about us and them. It's about all of us.

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    Ok so when you going to go fight a war for lies

    Source(s): I refuse to fight in wars especially for a country like america
  • Dave
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    4 weeks ago

    I don't think we were any better................Biden 2020!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You didn’t fight in Iraq to liberate all of that oil so Bush could try to steal it? You lazy bum

    “Iraqi oil will pay for the war.”

    — Dick Cheney

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