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Trying to find title for TV/Movie 80s I think?

Its set in a big office building maybe in New York 2 female office workers are working late and are leaving the building at the same time. As they are in the lift the doors open randomly on a floor then all of a sudden a arm grabs one of the female office worker and kills her and the other lady tries to help but is unable to save her work colleague so escapes back in the lift. Terrified the surviving office lady tries to leave the building but can't its been locked down. So she searches the office floors for help she prints blood or lipstick I think on the entrance doors HELP. A finds a homeless guy to help her on one of the floors (being constructed) but the killer breaks his arm. Eventually the female office worker overcomes her fear and takes on the killer by leading him to a car (using paint and shoes) and there is a car chase seen then the good guy with broken arm shows up then using a lighter sets fire a trail of petrol and blows up the killers car with him inside. The good guy tells the office lady not to mention him to the cops and at the end they meet up again. I would like to know what the Tv/Movie is to watch again, I think it was made in the 80s-90s not sure?    

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    Trapped with Kathleen Quinlan and Bruce Abbott

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