Should I go in person or do the online classes route?

I have taken all of my general education requirements at a community college. I want to get a B.A. but I am unsure of which route to take because I don't want to regret anything. 

Part of me wants to go back to a community college to get an associate's in something lucrative. I have an associate's degree in English. Another part of me wants to go the online route like ASU online or West Coast University for nursing.

I want to further my education but don't want to regret going the online route either but want something fast too. I am in my 20's so I also want to major in something that will be stable for the future. 

Should I go back to community college or do the online classes route?

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  • 1 month ago
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    online classes are a stopgap until we have an effective CV19 vaccine -- probably a year away at best.  Can you wait a year to further you career?  [Nursing requires in person, hands on practice and instruction -- at least it does in my state -- and that's risky what with CV19 and possible life long damage to your health.]

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