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Any Filipino peeps on here?

I need you guys's help. I have a friend and her mum is from the Philippines right. Anyway, love this girl to bits, but every time I try and get her a gift or pay for food when we go out she says "you cant I'm asian".

Is it disrespectful of me to just give her gifts right off the hop? As in, do I have like do something first? Idk. Cause I dont wanna be disrespectful, I'm just trying to learn more about her culture cause I love the girl and I wanna make sure I'm not being rude or something.

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    1 month ago

    maybe you should ask her to explain it to you

  • 1 month ago

    I am not Filipino, nor do I know anyone who is.  However, I read the Wikipedia page on courtship in the Philippines and found it to be very informative.  Gifts seem to be a part of getting to know the girl's family, but personal gifts are not mentioned.  Since you are not familiar with Filipino customs, I thought the part about using a Wingman as a bridge might be helpful to you.

    Of course, much of what is in the article may not apply to you and your girlfriend, but it could be a good starting point for a  discussion.

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