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I want to get my memory and hardware for the computer I have reinitialized.?

Where can I go to get my PC, it's probably a weird word but refreshed? I looked up research on my laptop, and obviously you know that this question is going to be hard to answer because I went to DELL, they told me my product is unsupported because it runs Windows 7, and they don't fix W7 products. I have a Latitude E5430 with Windows 7 Ultimate. Where can I get my pc fixed, because I have 16gb of ram and only 7gb of ram is working. My computer works fine, other then not being able to use the TPM due to a circuit break. I don't care that I am out of warranty, this computer works perfect, and costed me a lot of money, I want it fixed as if it was new. So when I get my computer fixed, I expect to see that I have 16gb of ram and everything working.

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    Any computer repair shop will gladly accommodate you.

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    Your use of terminology leads one to believe that you aren't sure what you're doing. I'd take it to a computer pro wherever you are and explain your issue.  He/she will be able to clean it up, tidy it and maybe reset it, depending on what's actually happening..

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    With no clue where in the world you are, not able to guess from here.  Search for a local repair shop.

    Other than that, most of your details don't make much sense.  The fact that only 7 GB of the 16 GB "is working" is not unusual.  You might mean "is available".  When the computer starts up, background utilities and the Windows 7 will use some of the RAM to run, leaving much less than the full 16 GB for you to use.

    The TPM is a microchip on the motherboard.  Stores passwords and other details for security.  You might not need it at all.  Fixing it might mean a whole new motherboard.  Expensive if even available.

    Re-initialized means setting up the hard disk so that a new operating system or a copy of the old one is to be used for first time.  Refreshed means that some files of the operating system are rewritten from a backup source to repair them.

    Some people "reset" a system.  This wipes out all data on the hard disk, and puts in a new copy of the operating system.  Along with that, some utility programs might be loaded.  The computer will be like it was when checked out or set up at the factory.

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