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To the selfish homicidal life destroying *****.. How.. ?

Same do you think you'd be when you have countless numbers of people practically devoting their every move in life to outsmart you manipulate you and do everything they possibly can to destroy and murder you.. For years upon years upon years.. And do it all alone. Then see how sane you'd still be you selfish little homicidal life destroying pos... Fuuu!!! I hope you pos all payyy!!!


Selfish life destroying homicidal bitchhh!!!

Update 2:

And when they cave due to your relentlessly relentlessly attacks.. Now you act all innocent and continue to manipulate and twist everything and make it look like you are all innocent and pure.. Don't you!!! YOU SELFISHHH MANIPULATIVE BITCHHH!!!

Update 3:


Update 4:

Mann I hope you pos pay!!! 

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  • Rusty
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    3 weeks ago

    First, I questioned letting prisoners have weights.  I lost that one.  Now, I'm trying to stop SO's from having computer access while incarcerated.  Won't you help me?

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