Why are Black people so united as a race, but White people aren't?

I notice Blacks always more friendly to other Blacks and call eachother brothers and sisters even if they never even met each other. And they always automatically take the side of the Black in any argument or fight. 

While Whites are more individuals and don't care if another person is White. There is no unity with White people. There's no brothas and sistas with White people. Like if a White person is getting bullied or in a fight, another White person would be like, "Who cares? I don't know him." 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    White people are called racist when trying to unite

  • John P
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    3 weeks ago

    I guess that you are in the USA. Here in Britain whites and blacks tend not to be hugely hostile to each other, though there are sometimes a few problems - nowhere near on the scale of what happens in some parts of the USA.

  • 3 weeks ago

    We have come together and taken over the world look around... but if you mean coming together to riot are burn down city's are blame everybody else for our problems, we well leave that to the blacks 

  • 3 weeks ago

    White people don't have a unifying cause, aka racism and being a minority; they cannot express cultural pride without being labeled "White Supremacists". People rarely think of White People as having a shared culture. Black people are a minority group, which allows their speech to be unrestricted and untethered. When you look at white history, minority groups point out all the horrors and injustices; as a culture, American black culture attributes the racial atrocities of the past unto white people since they were the majority dictating law. If black people were the predominate race and culture in the past, outside of slavery, I don't think their choices would have been any better in an alternative history. Whoever the majority is will make mistakes, and the minority group will blame them since they shaped reality; the minority group would view themselves as not having responsibility since they weren't in power. 

    Whenever you have a unifying cause, you can rally people together since they share a common passion; since black people are constantly subjected to racism, their battle cry never ceases, and they are perpetually united as a minority. They even had leaders that tried to unite them as one body to stand against racism like Malcolm X, foretelling of a day when attacking one black person will be viewed as attacking them all, aka the riots and looting. White people don't have any underlining reason to unite; if they unite to have a shared brotherhood, they are called "White Supremacists" since they aren't a minority. Since white people are a majority, they don't feel any need to rally together; they feel no need to band together under race nor culture since they have no bonding enemy to fight. White people cannot defend themselves nor unite, so they are subjected to endless derogatory language against them based on color and history. 

    Ironically, minorities are not minorities in shaping world views; minorities are the majority in what is socially accepted and what isn't. Should white people view themselves with hatred and animosity? No. White people are the only race or culture that cannot band together without everyone calling them racist; they cannot appreciate themselves, while other races can appreciate their race and culture. This is why it's important for men and white people to inject positivity into society regarding them; if they just allow their images to be trodden upon, roles can reverse instead of progress when minorities become the majority. White people should take pride without it being "White Pride", aka labeled as supporting racism. If only one group's voice is heard, it doesn't progress society in the right direction; people ostracize the other side to have their views dominate. One group often silences another to become accepted. 

    In conclusion, if white people were to gather and support each other, how would the minorities perceive or label it? They would view it as women viewing Male Pride; they would view it as BLM viewing All Lives Matter. They would feel "robbed" since they are the ones suffering while the other isn't; why should they bond together? It's a destructive mentality; everyone should express the good in their group. White people agree with the views of the minority that their race and culture have committed atrocities in the past; they view white history with disdain; thus, this further separates white people since they prescribe different ideologies. Moreover, white people are a far larger group; thus, they won't be as unified since they are a far larger group. They will have even more different perspectives since they don't share a unifying goal and life. 

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

    Source(s): Observation of life.
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  • 3 weeks ago

    why are you so obsessed with race?

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  • Megumi
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    3 weeks ago

    You are quite naive, Blacks kill one another much more than whites do.

  • Zirp
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    3 weeks ago

    because white racists treated them as a race for many decades

  • 3 weeks ago

    I didn't notice. I don't view myself as apart of a "race", on a meaningful level that is. It means something to others of course, so to some degree I have to play along with it because that's the norm. But it goes like this: some people relate to one another for different reasons, sometimes their skin color is all it takes. There are White people who do the same thing I'd assume, depending on the community. 

    As a black person, I don't feel any more "united" with Black people than I do with White, Latin, or Asian people. I'm united with people who share my values and interests... and I know some people hate the idea of that because "rAcE mAtTeRs", but it's whatever... they have their way of life, I have mine.

  • Dimple
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    3 weeks ago

    Sounds like Indian  peeps.  Indian peeps only like the people within their own community

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    In Africa, they're definitely not united as a race, but in the United States and similar countries they've necessarily formed a solid identity because for most of their history they've only been able to rely on each other. They need the strength that comes with unity and a cultural identity because they've had their cultures ripped away from them, especially in the United States, so therefore many African cultural and national identities gets molded into one.

    This racial solidarity is created as a response to oppression.

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