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I had a dream of someone I knew and he died. what does that signify?

this guy was in my math support class in high school and we didn't really talk to each other but he sat right next to me. I would see him looking at me though (he was really cute too) but that is besides the point. its strange because i can remember it more clearly than my regular dreams. so here is how it went, so we were in class and there was a slideshow of the guy and i was confused as to why the teacher was showing us and asked "did something happen to him" and the teacher says "yeah he died a while ago, of some degenerative illness"  and i said "what?! i know him, he's was perfectly fine as far as i knew" then the teacher shows us a video of him walking in  a field with someone supporting him and another one where he was walking next to the same person but with out support. for some reason i was in the future(the time where i was supposed to meet him) and he had died before i had met him and he was showing us more pictures of him of when he was young and then the progression of the disease and how it did a number on him... its so creepy I have been thinking about this all day and it's is bothering me...should i reach out and tell him what i dream't of or leave it be..i never really talked to him before and it would be so weird if i just sprang that on him out of nowhere.

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  • Darla
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    2 months ago

    It might be a premonition or you just worry too much. 

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