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Hey I need help for the future of my ability to play online games.?

So i have this cousin who lives with us (more like we live with them.) and they is the one with the huge gaming setup in their dark dark (pitch black except for the pc) room. their room is absolutely disgusting, and they are very messy and barely ever come out of their room except to eat or do other necessities. Now here's the thing, Our router for Wi-Fi is going bad and we need to take it to get repaired and updated. The thing is the one with the router is the cousin and they won't let my parents take it to get updated. Our internet sucks and is degrading to the point where i can barely play any online games without being lagged out. I don't know why they won't let us go fix it but i know that they are stubborn and my parents mentioned that it might have been because they didn't want anyone coming into their room (it's messy remember?) None of us have authority over her but i can't play online games anymore. It's a pretty big problem. I need to know what we could do or what to do in order to get them to hand over the router so we can fix it. 

If you need more info I'd be glad to exchange it (as long as you don't breach privacy.) in order to fix this problem. Any idea's on what we can do?


Oh and although their room is messy they are a great person and a even better friend so don't look down on them.

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    I dunno if this kind of thing works in your country, but you technically can install another internet line on the house, whether from the same provider, or from another ISP. You can set up your own router, and have a completely separated from the other family (you need to pay the bills yourself, though).

    Of course, you need to ask permission first to the owner in order to do this, because it's still their home. But since you can give a good reason for it (connection degrading, which affects your whole family), they got no other choice to either accept the installation of new internet line, OR changing their router to a brand new one, which is like you wanted in the first place.

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