I think I might be in love with my friend how can I get out the friend zone?

We have been friends for 3 years when I first started hanging about with her I kissed her and I chased her and one night I took her home was a year ago I licked her ***** and after that she friend zoned me made me feel sad but we stayed friends and a few month ago she asked if I would be her bf said yes and she was cuddling into and kissy taking pictures and then she started acting weird we when at a friend's house I sat next to her she told me to stop following we agreed to be friends and a few weeks ago she was drunk she kissed me said sorry for messing me around said she didn't want a guy who just wanted sex and told me to have sex with her I said no because she was drunk but ever since she kissed me I been thinking about her alot she's got a boyfriend weird thing is I'm not really jealous I want to with her but she likes being mistreated by boyfriends she told me her older cousin raped when she was younger and when I comes to her love life she doesn't know wit she wants and she's a little bit of a tart she kissed me when her bf is in prison I can't stop thinking about her I know I can do better but I just want her she likes me bk she told me I want to be with her but it it's weird I mean I have hanged about with her and her old boyfriend and I didn't get jealous now I want to be with her I don't understand


She thinks she has bipolar and she has a problem with coke she's bad with it I get shy round her somtines when we were a couple she said she didn't know if she still wanted to be with me because it could ruin our friendship

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