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 Culture or genes?

Bring a 1.65m Chinese to Kenya highlands for training. 

Is it possible to produce world long distance runners ?

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    Both have impact. Yes, it's possible for people from other countries to train elsewhere and possibly become a "world long distance runner". Genes will have more impact than culture, as well as training, nutrition, etc. You'll notice not all world class long distance runners are Kenyan or even African. 

  • Adam D
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    You have to have both genetics and a conducive environment in order to produce an elite athlete.  There are thousands of young athletes in Kenya who will never be elite runners - they lack the genetics. 

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    Both. The question is, how much influence does each have?  The amount of influence each can have has been the subject of research and discussion for decades.

    It's possible. But, a better question is "What is the *probability* your Chinese person could become a world class long distance runner if he/she trains in his/her homeland compared to training in Kenya?".  That's unknown. 

    But, the Kalengin  may have a genetic advantage.

    The male world class marathoners from Kenya are mostly Kalenjin. In a segment on a radio program, someone said the legs of the Kalenjin have a shape that reduces the amount of energy needed to move them back and forth when running. This would be a result of a genetic advantage. There was also a discussion about the Kalenjin's very high pain tolerance. But, it is not clear if their pain tolerance is genetic or cultural.

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    anything is possible

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