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help im need help?

Ok so im freaking out. Im 35 btw i have two kids 14 and 11 so I've been pregnant before. Im 6 days late no period not even the feeling like it will come on. Im freaking out because i took a test like a week and a few days ago and there was a faint line but i thought nothing of it. so as we got closer to my cycle i took more and they have been negative but my breasts are sore, super sensitive and my cycle is regular. no diet changes, weight loss/gain, nothing happened nor do i have any medical conditions so im wondering what is going on??? anyone had this happen. period late, breast sore, one faint line then negative still no period...

thanks in advance

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    The tests are not supposed to work until AFTER the day your period was due. You should test again, and if you were pregnant it may not show up until a week after it was due. 

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