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What kind of programming projects should be on a resume for Entry Level Dev Job?

I only have an Associate's Degree in computer science(Bachelor degrees are too expensive) and I'm trying to apply to entry level developer jobs.

Can the project be something simple like "Hello World", adding two integers, excel macros, or a minimum html page?

Does it have to be something complex like a custom made operating system, facial recognition, or an emulator for older games?(None of which I can make)

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  • EddieJ
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    1 month ago

    NO projects should be on your resume.  If you took programming courses then list those.   

    You should explain in a cover letter why you think you are qualified for the specific job that they posted.

    A resume is NOT to get yourself hired -- it's only to get a job interview.  In the interview, you will have to sell yourself.  If they ask you why they should hire you instead of someone with a 4-year degree, you need to have a good answer ready.

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