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Symbolic logic Please help I don’t understand ?

Symbolize the following sentences, using the scheme of abbreviations provided. 

D: I diet.

E: I exercise.

M: I am motivated. T: I get too tired.

P: I am depressed.

L: I am lazy. S: I swim.

R: I run.

W: I drive to work.

Symbols included in picture 

6) If I don’t either diet or exercise, I am depressed.

7) Unless I am motivated, I will neither diet nor exercise.

8) I will exercise if I am motivated, provided I am not both lazy and depressed.

9) I won’t be depressed if I either swim or run, unless I drive to work and don’t diet.

10) I either swim or run if and only if I both don’t get too tired and I am motivated.

11) If I swim or run, then I am not depressed; but it is not the case that either I am lazy or I drive to work

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    D: I diet. If I diet then I do not eat chocolate. Only if I diet then I can lose pounds. I diet and I exercise. I neither diet nor count my calories.  I try to diet or control what I eat. 

    E: I exercise. If I exercise then I burn calories. Only if I exercise then I can stay in shape. I exercise and I eat. I neither exercise or lose weight. I exercise or eat less. M: I am motivated. If I am motivated then I can lift 150 on the bench press. Only if I'm motivated can I win the race. I am motivated and confident. I am neither motivated or inspired. I am either motivated or struggling. T: I get too tired. If I get too tired, then I can't help but doze off. Only if I get too tired, then I can't drink coffee. I get too tired and I sleep. I neither get tired during a movie or feel like doing something else because the movie is interesting. I get too tired to read or find the book boring. P: I am depressed. If I am depression, then I tend to cry. Only if I am depressed, then I don't feel like doing my favorite hobby. I am depressed and anxious. I am neither depressed nor anxious. I am depressed or just sad. L: I am lazy. If I am lazy, then I don't want to work. Only if I'm lazy then I might miss school. I am lazy and tired. I am neither lazy not stupid. I am lazy or I lack motivation. S: I swim. If I swim, then my arms get tired. Only if I swim I will be able to do things with my friends. I swim and I hike. I neither swim nor ski. I swim or jog for exercise. R: I run. If I run, then I get out of breath. Only if I run I will possibly win a race. I run and I jump. I neither run nor jog. I run or walk to the store. W: I drive to work. If I drive to work , then I have to drive back home. Only when I drive to work early do I find a good parking spot. I drive to work and I walk up the stairs. I neither drive to work or use the elevator at work. I drive to work or carpool. 

    6) diet

    7) motivated 

    8) exercise

    9) swim

    10) run

    11) lazy

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