Are South Americans latin?

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  • Magui
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    1 month ago

    Most countries in South America are Latin American.

  • Chris
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    1 month ago

    Valle Latina is still located in Europe, the Latins are the people who built the city of Rome. No one called it "Latin America" during colonization.

    Latin isn't a really the Roman word, It's a simplification. Roman systems are very complex, they noted the difference between groups with slight variations in language. I'm not going to cover it but the original people are generally called Latini. Latino says you're not an original.

    On a note, the original Itali are Latini however Italian is modern nationality so not every Italian is Latin. But above all, Italians are never called Latino.

    Latin basically means someone has been granted Latin rites by a theocracy from Rome (there's two).

    The original Roman Latins believed those rites came from the ancient immortal like the war god Mars. They often felt they were the direct decedent of those Gods. Each patrician family claimed an immortal as the father of their blood line. And you still hear the idea of blood tossed around in the Americas (including the US).

    In truth that didn't include most Spaniards and Portuguese (Hispanus) as they were given rites by the Julian family. Although the Julians were children of Latinus. Most of the other Roman Gens felt they didn't have the authority to include Hispania. So most South Americans should be claiming Julio (Hulio), not Latinio.

    The Roman Catholic church tossed the idea of immortal blood lines because it conflicts with the idea of one god. They say, he's the father of all humans. They grant Latin rites though conformation … but not all even all the Hispanios accepted that. You'll often hear the word "in dios" used for native mixes. It's a pun that means included by god the father.

    There are pure blood in all parts of the Americas, and you defiantly have Roman Catholics here. But remember, you can't be Jewish, Muslim or Anglican and claim Latin. There's way too much of conflict with that. So I would say, some of them are Latin but a good amount aren't.

    btw, both the US and Confederate south picked national mottos written Lingua Latina so I wouldn't exclude people from the US either. The Romans conquered the Britons anyway and despite them trying really hard. The US has never been an Anglican state.

  • 1 month ago

    It's like asking "Are Turkish Turkic?"

  • 1 month ago

    some of them might be

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  • 1 month ago

    Some are more than others.  Most would be referred to as 'Latino'

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