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Why are foreign born asian people so nosy and intrusive?

Every asian person I've met that was foreign born was extremely nosy in personal matters, always asking inappropriate questions, and just not understanding personal boundaries in American culture

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  • camray
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    1 month ago

    You have to realize other cultures have very different definitions of personal boundaries and ways of expressing themselves, so behavior that you might find odd or off putting is completely normal to them. Think about how different it would be to grow up in NYC vs small town Mississippi. I find crossing paths with some of these people amusing. Embrace the positive side of meeting people different from you.

    As far as Asians being often pushy and loud, you’re probably running into a lot of people who immigrated from big cities over there. When so many people live on top of each other you have to out fight and out shout a lot of people just to survive. It’s just like people who where raised in big families.. if you’re an only child the pork chop is always there, but if you have 8 brothers and sisters you have to assert yourself if you want to even eat. 

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