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Do I have a yeast infection?

(Gonna get an OTC cream!) For 3 days now I've had itching on my actual vaginia opening. Right on it. The itching comes and goes. It wont itch for hours then it'll itch bad for a bit then stop. It's super dry down there which is unusual. I had a tiny bit of discharge bc I pushed super hard while looking in the mirror at my vag and some cream tan ish discharge came out. It was milky. This color is normal for me. I keep touching down there constantly to see if everything is okay and I think tbis has made me get sore there. My vag opening is usually pink but it now has a lighter color. Not like there's something on it but my actual vag is a lighter white ish pink color. IM A VIRGIN. 21. 

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    Sounds more like a bacterial infection than a yeast infection.

    If you get the wrong OTC medication it will make it worse.

    See a doctor and get an accurate diagnosis and correct treatment.

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    4 weeks ago

    You've now posted (and spammed) this four times. Since you are obviously not able to accept the fact that you need to see a gynecologist, there's nothing anyone can do here to help you.   

    JUST AS A REMINDER, HERE IS THE LAST THING YOU POSTED:  Is it normal for your vaginia to be a different color than your labias? ?

    My vaginia itself and itself opening and the vaginia (NOT my labias) are a lighter color than my labia and vulva. Those are pink and redish. Whereas my vaginia is a light light pink,almost whiteish color. I'm a virgin. 21. 

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