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Husbands family sent him THC edibles in the mail and it’s illegal?

 I have a reoccurring issue with my husband‘s Weed use for at least 4 years now. I’ve told him numerous times it makes me uncomfortable it makes me because although it is a plant, it’s illegal. I’d feel the same way if chocolate was illegal. I’ve noticed that his family has sent him small packages before. They’re not the gifting each other type so I snuck a peak kind of confirming what I guessed. It was Wana gummy edibles. 100mg total THC per bottle or 10mg each gummy. Each gummy alone is worth a felony in our state. 10k fines and possibly 2 years in jail. He knows all this from previous discussions and arguments. He has also developed a high functioning drinking problem where he polishes off a pint of vodka a night at least 3x a week. I always find the bottles on our porch. Never actually in the house or fridge. To make matters worse we have children and he’s our only source of income. I stay with the kids all day. I’m so scared and shaking trying to type this but I’m worried that somehow child services could take my kids away if someone ever called on him. And my babies would be taken away from me. Its a horrifying thought. And the other stupid person is myself asking if I’ve given him enough chances? One more? Am I being a patient and tolerant wife? Following my vows if I leave? I did say through thick and thin but where do I draw a line? I’m so lost and scared and would appreciate some feed back, Thank you all 

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    I suggest you seek out your local Al-anon chapter.  It sounds like your husband may be on the path towards addiction and Al-anon is the place where you can gain understanding and attain the empathy you so desire/require.

    Good Luck.

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    Move out with the kids and file for divorce.  You can go to the nearest women's shelter.  They will help you get back on your feet.  Your children should be your top priority.  Staying because he's the primary source of income is no excuse.

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    You have an addict or a husband who thinks his addictions are more important than the law and more important than you or his children.......... you need to have your kids baby sat and go and get yourself a job, save and leave, your priority should be your children not an addicted husband who doesn't care

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