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Virgin Media ?

I've had problems with Virgin Media Home broadband for the whole year, I've used my data (third party) more than virgins. The wifi boosters they gave are horrible, it disconnects after 15 minutes, I have to wait a few mins trying to reconnect then the cycle repeats, this has been happening all year. I was on the phone to asking for an engineer to come in, check the wifi boosters out or just get the router moved upstairs, the person on the phone said it'd be £99 charge. This was someone abroad they have working. It seems to me the ones abroad like to add stupid charges because all I'm trying to do is get an engineer to come in and sort something out thats so simple that I've had a problem with all year round, on the phone on hold right now, tried all day yesterday on the phone, to get an engineer, anyone have any advise on what I can get done? How to deal with them? 

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