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My brother keeps going to the doctor for no reason?

My brother keeps going to the doctor ever since June he went to the doctor and was ambulance to the hospital but didn’t find I keep receiving bills that makes no sense.he got blood work 5 times in 2-3 months and they didn’t find anything from different he is going again next month to a gastro for a wanted procedure which no one refer him to because he keeps burping, mind u has no money to pay for insurance or deductibles. and has to be referred to a physician to go not just get up and go.what should I do he is almost $1000 in unnecessary bills plus blood work will tell u everything.i think it could be a stress issue because of my mother illness of kidney failure from the transplant that the life is almost over and him in college.Also he hasn’t been eating any of my dinners anymore he just eat egg and fruits.i think he is developing a mental problem due to the stress of all the stuff going on because if they was a issue the hospital or another doctor would have catch it he is 19 on top of that.he went to a cardiologist,chiropractor,er and all came back Normal


I understand going to the doctor is Important but he keeps going for no reason and it cost a lot of money to go I want him to stop this madness.i highly want him to go a mental doctor because I feel like he is losing his mind over his health and nothin is wrong. 

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    Put him on state medicaid, do not pay his bills. You are not responsible for his bills, unless you signed that you would be, let him go to the hospital, they will assist in aid to pay. Do not sign anything for his medical.

  • 4 weeks ago

    He's seeing the wrong kind of MD.  He should be seeing a psychiatrist.

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    Encourage him to go to a free mental health clinic for evaluation and also let him know that his medical bills are more than you can handle, so in the future he needs to pay for them himself.

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