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Why do i feel closer to the hebrew language than the english language more explanation below.?

When I decided to learn the hebrew even songs, it seems i feel closer to the hebrew language than i ever felt towards the english especially the songs in children abcs, like the hebrew alphabet song, and I was born in america as well i don't think i have any relatives in the middle east, unless you count 20th and above cousins as i think that may be the only way, but it's impossible. i think.

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    We incarnate very many times, of course; there are far too many lessons to learn in just one term. 

    I suspect that virtually all of us feel some sort of affiliation (or repulsion) to a place, person, interest (sport, music, activity, history period, etc.) that we cannot explain logically. I recall being about nine years old and seeing a picture of the Canadian parties and yearning to be there not having any sort of knowledge about them, being English. Many irrational phobias can also be explained thus; I was terrified of water as a child, and still don't really like to be under water: my water loving, strong swimming mother couldn't understand it. 

    It also accounts for people feeling they were " born in the wrong body"

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    Though you were born in the USA, you do not write like a native user of English. 

    I assume that you have Jewish ancestry and the linguistic heritage of Jews whose native language was Hebrew or Yiddish, and who learned English as 'foreigners'.

    Please, please, capitals for names - English;  Hebrew;  Middle East;  America; ABCs. Also when referring to yourself - ' I '; not ' i '. Also punctuation where needed. That whole spiel is far too long to be a single sentence.

    I assume 'evening songs'. 

  • Zirp
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    Because it has a better structure, instead of dozens of different words for the exact same thing?

    Source(s): I don't speak Hebrew
  • Jake
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    4 weeks ago

    Maybe you might regard Hebrew as a sacred language for communicating more effectively with God.

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