What name should I give to my DND group?

My dnd group includes 8 people, being a chaotic warrior (Parthos), a drunken ranger (Syllith), a drug dealer (Alexandria), a warlock that uses the black market (Radiance), a bard that is the daughter of a manwhore (Melody), an elf that used to be a cat (Stella, also daughter of the same manwhore), A rogue who has trust issues (Jackson, also my character), and half orc cleric with anger issues (Balik). We are mercs taking up jobs for money, fame, and really any reward.

I tasked myself with naming and writing down everything....after we started playing, and our DM has not given us a group title, please help me.

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  • drip
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    My daughter is in 3 DnD groups.  They don’t have names. 

    As the DM my daughter doesn’t give them a name.  Sometimes the players will come up with a group name sometimes they don’t. It seems to happen by itself. The last game they played the characters just happened to be all elves except one. So they call themselves The Elves and One. Joking about the odd man out. 

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