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How do I know if my family would be better off if I killed myself?

I’m annoying and OCD and nobody will ever forgive me. I’m not suicidal at present so you don’t need to report me or anything as I’m safe, however I’m wondering how to know if my family would be happy if I did.  I’m always anxious and there’s no empathy but just discussed and discipline like I’m doing bad behavior by choice.  I father gets bothered that I would see a therapist and take medication and especially bothered that I’ve not been cured by it.  


Earlier I asked this question attached so this is the family I’m from—-


Last time I’ll discuss the matter of the weekend visit.  How do I know if the family would be happier if I was dead? I feel so alone when I have OCD flareups since there’s nobody I can talk to but a shrink.  


TJ--My parents are anti-medicine and rant and rant about them being poison. It is unfortunate but I don't take them as a result. I do see a doctor despite their rants. I was briefly medicated when in a hospital. 

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    Your therapist is the best person to advise you about your VERY OBVIOUS OCD and all of your other issues.

    To advise you to commit suicide or not commit suicide would be foolish and dangerous.

    My suggestion?  Stop posting this question which PROVES you have OCD and clearly indicates your father's concerns.

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    Why are you not on meds for the OCD...if the shrink will not give them to you, get a new shrink.

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    You don't  know. That would be in the future and nobody can see the future. 

    There is no way to give you the answer you're looking for. Unless you know a fortune teller. 

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    they wouldnt be, get some help if you feel this way

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    This takes a bit of understanding to be honest; several sentences don't really gel. 

    Your family would be devastated if you top yourself - for the rest of their lives. 

    Start to switch your focus from the problem towards possible solutions. There ARE solutions. Do your research. 

    Good Luck!

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