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How should a non-poc go about cosplaying a poc character (if at all)?

My favorite character from Winx Club is Aisha and I really wanted to cosplay her, however, I am very very white. It makes me feel a little uncomfy so I could always cosplay one of the other characters like Bloom, Stella, or Tecna; although, it feels a bit disingenuous, since I wanted to dress up as my favorite. I wanted to hear some poc voices on whether or not it would be okay to cosplay as her, and if it was fine, what steps I could take in being sure to not culturally appropriate any of her features/aspects of her character. I see that a lot of black cosplayers get so much undeserved hate for their cosplays of non-black characters and want to support them however I can! It's a totally different situation than a black person cosplaying non-poc or lighter characters as they are lacking in good representation and I do not want to impose on that by doing just the opposite!

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