Do older people here miss the old days? like 60's 70's 1970's?

i watch old movies from then, everyone seemed to accept eveyone else.

i like the music from then, i would be a disco queen in that time period.

i really feel i could outdance anypne aropund these partsd.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You are in a fantasy land. It totally sucked then. War, the draft, racial riots, get caught with a joint, and you might get life in prison. Cops would pick you up just so they could shave your head. Parents were idiots. Manson, Nixon, Kennedys getting shot, King shot, Kent State, just all kinds of garbage. It was just AWFUL. Not much has changed, either. It STILL sucks, and the SAME butt heads are STILL in charge. PATHETIC,

  • 2 months ago

    There was not the sort of acceptance you seem to see, but the movies did not show the discord.  Disco didn't exist in the 60's, but there were anti war demonstrations, and racial DISCORD as well as problems with sexism.  You seem to be living in a fairy tale about the era.  Don't believe  what you see in movies, they are made to make MONEY not to be historical truthful.

    Source(s): Born in 1945 and was a young adult in the 60's and 70's
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