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Did you know the Trump Campaign is scheming with GOP state legislatures to pass laws requiring their Electoral College votes go to Trump?

Here's how they can do that:

     The Constitution gives state legislatures the power to determine where their Electoral College votes go. They now go according to the popular vote only because it was set up that way. But, they can completely change that in a day if they have the votes ... i.e. Regardless of who wins the popular vote, Republican state legislatures can pass a law that makes all their Electoral College votes go specifically to Trump if they want to  ... The only way to beat what Trump and his Republican Party have planned for this election is to massively turn out for a crystal clear landslide vote for Biden.


"A jarring new report from The Atlantic claims that the Trump campaign is discussing potential strategies to circumvent the results of the 2020 election, should Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump, by first alleging the existence of rampant fraud and then asking legislators in battleground states where the Republicans have a legislative majority to bypass the state’s popular vote and instead to choose electors loyal to the GOP"

"The Election That Could Break America"


                                                       Save The Republic

                                                  Vote Blue No Matter Who!


@ Uncle Pennybags


"Overall, we rate The Atlantic Left-Center Biased due to editorial positions and High for factual reporting based on excellent sourcing of information and a clean fact check record."

Update 2:

@ Dru Zod

Trump's favorable numbers are far to low to allow for a win in a free and fair election. So, Trump will have to cheat in order to win ... And, he desperately needs to win.

Update 3:

@ Jeancommunicates

I can't help that you've bought into the conservative propaganda. But for the record, the wealth of the middle class has been eroding since 1981 when Reagan & the GOP flipped our economy upside down to run on supply side economic theory. Before then, the middle class lived comfortably on the money it made and the money it saved. Today, after 40 years of trickle-down crap, how well the middle class survives is dependent upon how high of a credit rating workers can qualify for.

Update 4:

@ Jeancommunicates

And, Biden will be fine. It will take someone with his experience to put this country back together, reestablish our standing in the world, and move our infrastructure into the 21st century. btw, Kamala is a moderate. And, so far as the Green New Deal goes, the rest of the world is already moving in that direction ... We can either choose to lead in that or fall behind. Dems have chosen to lead on that, because, that's where the business of the future on this planet is going.

Update 5:

@ Uncle Pennybags

If we were talking about FOX News and conservative media in general or Trump, "anonymous sources" could very well be wholly imaginary. But, "anonymous sources" could also be people "in the know" who don't want to lose their jobs. Reputable news operations generally make a point of verifying information via other sources before reporting. And, even a broken clock is right twice a day ... You must have missed this FOX News report.


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  • 4 weeks ago

    Now answer me something; how long do you think these state legislatures would stay in office if they bypassed the popular vote of their state's citizens?  Our Constitution will not allow this to happen.  States can't bypass the Constitution.  Do you remember "We The People?"  The old democrat party is gone.  The new democrats are the elite of American society saying one thing and doing another.  Like only taxing $400,000 and above.  This will change quickly once big government gets into office because all the little guys making $100,000 are the bread winners of the taxed.  You know - the Middle Class which is being destroyed.  Joe Biden is running so Hunter's deal with China will make Hunter a billionaire.  Joe is too feeble to run for President and everyone on the democrat side is ignoring it, because Kamala's far left green deal for the elite is all they can think about. Losing their abortion and their homosexual agenda is all they can think about.  Only in America can all of this exist because of that one word called "Freedom."

  • 4 weeks ago

    He’s not 

    But you are correct that it would be completely legal to do so 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Yep. I read that too. A d if course conservatives are sooooooo patriotic

  • 4 weeks ago

    I looked at the Forbes article.  It is basically restating The Atlantic article.

    The Atlantic is well known to publish fake news. 

    It's fake news.  Learn to spot it!

    UPDATE:  OMG, another gullible Democrat fell for that Media Bias/Fact Check site.  Who the hell made them the impartial arbiter of media bias?

    The Atlantic is well known for publishing biased articles, sometimes with the flimsiest of sources.  Just reference that Trump-bashing article they ran about Trump attacking our fallen soldiers and not attending a ceremony because he didn't want his hair to get wet.  All based on "anonymous sources."

    Nevermind the 21 ON THE RECORD denials of people on that trip with Trump, including John Bolton who doesn't like Trump.  Nevermind that there is documentary evidence that the reason Trump didn't attend that ceremony was because the Marines didn't want to fly the President on Marine One to the ceremony because of bad weather and poor visibility.  Nevermind that Trump did drive to and speak at a different ceremony later that day, IN THE RAIN, getting his hair wet.

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