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Signs that someone is jealous of you?


This is for my psychology college course by the way.

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    They will typically not be obvious at first, but people who put down other people's hobbies/interests are usually jealous that they have something going on in their lives to begin with. Sometimes jealously is not easy to recognize and we just think 'oh that person just complains a lot', but that's usually not the case. Another sign is someone who is generally unhappy and annoying to be around. If you have your life together, they are going to naturally be jealous of you, it's just nature to want to be in constant competition with people you encounter (especially if you're a woman, they're subconsciously competing with one another 24/7 [hair, nails, makeup, clothes, shoes, media, etc]). In the dating world, jealously from one woman to another will be in the form of calling her a 'hoe' or 'slut', as to discredit her from the dating pool all together by insinuating that she is not worthy of dating that man to begin with (regardless of whether she actually is one or not.. Name calling is simply a tool jealous people use because they think it will make other people look at that person in a negative light). For guys, they also name call in a different way. I'm sure you've heard of the 'nice guy' calling the guy who gets all the girls a 'jerk' or 'a$shole', this is the nice guys way of trying to discredit the alpha males, in that the nice guy thinks that if he's more in touch with his feminine side and pretends to know what's best for women, they will see the light and flock to him instead (they never do). This is done out of jealously because the nice guy is getting no play, so he creates these tactics to try and make the alpha look bad to the women (which never works).

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    Don't waste your time looking for things. If someone IS jealous of you, that's for them to worry about.. not you.

    Ohh.. in that case.:-


    Put you down to make themselves appear better in the eyes of others

    Highlighting their successes.

    Body language is a tell tale sign too. They might try and make a superior stance


    They might try and mimic you

    They will take great joy in hearing you fail

    Take pleasure in spiting and hurting you

    I suppose the ultimate one is if they hate you enough to want you dead.

    Good luck with your degree. Human Psychology is a favourite study of mine.

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