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Is this considered cheating ?

My ex and I remained friends as we have known each other from a young age, he is married now, but we talk to each other from time to another.

My current boyfriend is very jealous, and he doesn’t want me to talk to my ex, which I agreed.

As I am now in the quarantine as suspect having corona and Isolated I told my boyfriend to stay with me on the line as I feel very lonely, but he refuses and busy with his friends all the time and told me to find someone else to talk to.

I called my ex and had a long friendly phone call and he told me to call him any time if I needed anything.

Is this considered cheating?

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    No. You've found someone else with whom to talk. As recommended. 

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    4 weeks ago

    Cheating is doing hurtful things behind your bf's back and hiding it. So you are playing with fire. Surely you have female friends and family to talk to, sounds like what you really want is validation and attention from a male source. I suggest you talk to him and tell him you would love and be grateful of connection with him while you are isolated as he is the most important man in your life. 

    Your bf doesn't have to stay with you while you're isolated, as that makes him isolate himself and exposed to you, so that is not fair of you to demand. 

    Let your ex go, he's married. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    As long as you did not open your tw at to your ex is not cheat

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    4 weeks ago

    I agree with blank whole heartedly.

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    I wouldn't consider it cheating - so long as your conversation was in no way sexual or emotionally connected.  Just friends is fine.  But then again, I am secure in who I am and work to build trust with a partner.

    That said - you DID break a promise you made to your bf.  You should never have been asked to make it imo, but you did, and therefore should have stuck by your word.

    Not that you asked - but this bf sounds like a real "winner:"  jealous and so self absorbed that he is blowing you completely off in a time of need.  While no one could stay on the phone with you 24/7, he should make some time for you if he cares for you at all.

    Hope some fo this helps.  Sounds like Covid might be a small blessing in a way: lots of time to think about this guy and whether or not you need/want him in your life.

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