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Have you ever realized you'd had the wrong idea about a political ideal or conclusion?  Or have you literally only ever been 100% correct?


@Troy, your answer is really quite good, but I have to point out that your recent posts on this site have included the following:

"When ballot harvester check the envelope do they call pro Biden ballots "keepers" and throw the rest in the ditch?"

"Which killed more humans, the Holocaust in Germany or abortion in America?"

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    Not only am I never wrong, I'm also incredibly humble.

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    99% correct.  I was probably hired by a minority firm because of white privilege but that was the best choice for them.

  • Troy
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    I have been unsure from lack of good DATA, I have been wrong because of a lack of life experience, I have been wrong because I failed to adequately consider the issue, I recognize that currently I lack a complete and accurate set of facts partially because my vantage point, like everyone's, is skewed. 

    All we can do is try and work hard to be good citizens, pay attention, give time and effort to consider the facts we have access to, have the courage to stand by conclusions even when they may be divergent, think outside the box without forgetting that the box has value, when in doubt err on the side of decency.

    In my early years I was a libertarian that would probably be considered leaning left. Now I am not sure where I fall on the liberal/conservative/libertarian/authoritarian matrix. Probably conservative/libertarian that leans utilitarian.

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