I am new to playing pokemon go? Does it have a easy mode at all as I am not that good at it. ☺️?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    There isn't an "easy mode", for Pokemon Go. There 's a learning curve, as there is with everything. It takes practice learning how first to throw the pokeballs, then with the learning of how to do curved throws. I would suggest you try to find some of the other players in your local area, that has the patience and willingness to help you learn some of the aspects of the game. You can also find some how to play videos on YouTube. However there's one site, where some of the users there are elitists, and will be less than kind to new players, even though there's supposedly a rule that prohibits elitism, and that's the Silph Road. But I've also seen those elitists go after  other experienced players, and give them, an unwarranted raking over the coals. So my advice would be to stay clear of that cesspool.

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