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Can I let my cat outside after an abscess treatment?

Hello and thanks in advance for any help. My cat had an abscess treated at the vet the night before last and since he's always been an indoor/outdoor cat he's having some difficulties staying inside while it heals. When will it be safe for him to be able to go back outside? My main concern is that he absolutely will not go to the bathroom in the house. Literally not at all. I've tried taking him out on a leash to see if he'd go that way but he refuses. He hasn't gone to the bathroom in almost 24 hours so would it be safe for me to just open the door and let him out? I want to avoid all infections coming back, but I don't think it's healthy for him not going to the bathroom and freaking out in the house for hours on end. On top of that, he has always been the sweetest cat you could ever meet, never biting or scratching, letting you hold him forever, and even sleeping at the foot of my bed, but over the last two days, he's completely changed. He attacks my legs every time I walk by, screams constantly, and just sits at the doors and tries to sneak out. How much longer does he need to stay in, cause this is turning into a My Cat From Hell episode real fast without him being free to go out when he wants. 


Again, to the person accusing me of not caring for the cat, he has been to the vet, I have a litterbox he refuses to use regardless of litter type, and he is well cared for. Far better than how he's left out without food+water in sub-freezing temps under my neighbors care, yet he's released back to her if he is in the shelter, all she has to do when he is picked up is claim he's an outdoor cat and she goes straight back to not taking care of him. So I think I am the better alternative. 

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    It is not safe for a cat to go outside, especially after getting treatment, you'd risk infections very easily. Is there an enclosed space outdoors where you can supervise him and make sure he doesn't run off?

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    You need to give this neglected cat up to a no-kill shelter.  It's already had one abscess surely from a fight wound and when it NEEDS to stay in to heal you're already kicking it back outside?  You're DISGUSTING.   He won't go in the house because you probably don't even have a litter box for it.  Stop making excuses.  You're a HORRIBLE pet owner.

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    Let it out already!

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    Your cat shouldnt be going outside at all..  Period.

    Give him a box of soil to use instead of kitty litter

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    Once the wou d has healed, he can go outside. Preferably into a suitable enclosure. Depending on the size of the enclosure and conditions in the enclosure it may even be safe now.

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