The new way to mail in ballot. Pick a ditch. Seems to be the way the new left chooses  to win.?


Jamies apparently you haven't opened up your cave door yet.

Ballots in Wisconsin and other states were found thrown in

ditches. Get on the same page rookie. Wake up and be informed.

Update 2:

Cave Boy. This Princess as you call me. Has over hundreds of

Personal kills over 8 deployments to Iraq/Afghanistan. This so

called Princess has a size 12 shoe. 6' 6" 245. 40 inch waist.

Present age 58 years old. I spend 12 hours a day working my

ranch responsibilities. Fly 3 different Air Craft. Bell Jet Ranger.

Twin Air Commander. And Jet rated. 400 hours on a Leer.

Damn tough to be a princess these days. When the LGBT lifestyles

are loaded with the left,

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  • James
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    2 months ago
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    The left prefers the traditional way of winning elections, getting the most votes.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    WOW!!! Princess Blue Skies just got *triggered* big time.  Manipulating godless lying Trumpanzees really is just that easy. Did the big man shoot big guns and fly big planes? I bet you have a firm handshake too. And now princess spends apparently a tremendous amount of time on Yahoo Answers. A life well lived, right buttercup?

    In case it isn't clear, your accomplishments are a joke to me. You Republicans don't deserve respect, and your life is as worthless as those ballots for Trump I toss into the trash. Best of all, even if Trump wins your life's work will still be a joke. Now cry for me, princess.

    I personally have found great entertainment in printing out fake ballots, filling them out for Trump, and tossing them in trash cans and roadside ditches just to drive Republicans up the wall. Spend two minutes on tick-tock and you'll see this is a trending prank.

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