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is "The new normal" the official catch phrase of 2020? (did anyone ever say it before 2020? when , how became so popular?)?

anyone tired of hearing it? also, it seems "Take aways" seems to be the other catch phrase i keep hearing from the media. "What are some take aways from that speech"...etc

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    Neither of those are new.  They're just heavily trending at the moment, and I'm sure you can guess why.

    Talking about how this is "the new normal" has been a thing all my life, and I'm old as dirt.  I have personally heard it used when people talked about things like MTV, HIV, the internet itself, 'reality' TV shows, coarse language in media, violent video games, and smoking in places open to the public.  But since none of those (even put together) are not the size and scale of Covid, the term is used a lot more often.

    As for mentioning "take aways", that's old too.  It used to just be something the British said, but it's been co-opted by America as a buzzword.

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    1 month ago

    Yes I'm tired of the " new normal " nonsense another one is "wet pubs" which they are using to describe pubs that serve alcohol only here in Ireland

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    I wonder if you saw those phrases used on breaking news, which is another one.

    We used to have news. Now all news seems to be breaking news. That is my takeaway from the new normal. 

    I hate these phrases, and yes, i am tired of them, and fed up with lazy journalism. 

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    1 month ago

    Both phrases have been around a long time. In fact there was a sitcom called The New Normal so it is at least ten years old, and probably much older than that.

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