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Misty asked in Business & FinanceInvesting · 1 month ago

question about dividend on a stock?

AT&T sells for  $28.04 a share. The annual dividend payout is  $2.08 a share. Please help me understand something. If someone had 100 shares (which I do not) of AT&T, does that mean each year they would be paid $200 in dividends? I am trying to learn the stock market. Thanks for your help. - Misty

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    1 month ago
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    They pay quarterly so .52 per quarter per 100 shares. You get $52 per quarter. Unless you DRIP.

  • 1 month ago

    100 times $2.08 is $208.00. That is what you'd get in dividends each year if you had 100 shares. Dividends are most commonly paid quarterly, that is 4 times a year, once every 3 months. You'd get $52.00 each quarter.

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