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Rasism At Work ?

My rights get affected been patient, thought it will change but No, i become a victim of a misunderstanding, and my Racist Manager fired me, never been later, never cause any problem, am one humble black man in Uk, work for a Hardware DIY company in Bristol. 

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    Zweli, you are an unlucky man. Here you claim to a victim of a misunderstanding and you got fired because of it. But only recently, you were the victim of another misunderstanding with the court and your car??

    This is the UK not the USA. Your manager can't just fire you at will, unless it's gross misconduct. And, even then, they would have to have serious evidence to back it up.

    If you seriously think you are a victim again, I suggest you speak to Citizen's Advice and see what they say.

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    The idea that racism is alive and well in our workplaces is an uncomfortable one. However, research that we have conducted at Pearn Kandola has found

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