Charles asked in SportsCycling · 4 weeks ago

My bike wheel brok help!!?

I was riding my bike today and a dog ran out and woof! Next thing you know my wheel is rubbing all over the place !! How do I fix it plz help ASAP my bike wheel broke!!

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  • Jon
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    3 weeks ago

    Did you hit anything (the dog, the ground falling off, etc) or just brake very sharply?

    If you just braked sharply, it could be that your wheel was not firmly mounted and it has moved a bit in its mounting ( the 'dropouts'). If that is the trouble then getting the right size spanner, loosening the nuts holding the wheel in place, lining it up so it points forward not to one side, and tightening the nuts again should fix it. 

    If you had a crash, first check whether the problem really is the wheel or if some other part of the bike (e.g. a mudguard) has got bent out of shape and is rubbing the wheel. If the wheel itself is bent, take it to a repair shop. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    This is beyond your skill level; take the bike to a reputable bicycle shop for the repairs. All too often the unskilled turn a repair into a replacement. 

    Source(s): Motorized Bicycle Owner and Builder.
  • 3 weeks ago

    Once again a question sadly lacking in DETAILS!  Sigh...roll eyes... 🙄  Front wheel or rear wheel?  It's rubbing precisely where?  The front fork, the rear seatstays, the brake pads...exactly where?  Rubbing intermittently or all the time?  

    If a wheel rubs somewhere (like the brake pads) intermittently, that means the wheel is "out-of-true" and needs the spoke tension adjusted by a mechanic at a bicycle shop.  If it rubs all the time, that means it's not correctly aligned with the "dropout".  Should be a REAL simple fix.  Loosen the wheel using the quick release skewer or nuts - whichever is applicable - make sure the hub (axle) is firmly centered in the dropout & retighten.  Some people find this easier to do with the bike upside down.  Gravity should do the work for you.  

    Last three points.  1) LEARN the names for all your bike parts so you can describe things better next time.  Open this link...

    2) Never - EVER- make a panic stop when an animal darts in front of you.  Believe me, they move a lot faster than you do.  Their reaction reflexes are a LOT quicker than yours.  Twelve years (maybe more) getting around town without a car!  I've had dogs, cats, squirrels, rabbits, geese, ducks, wild turkeys and even deer jump out in front of me.  OK...maybe I lied.  Riding in predawn conditions with a VERY strong headlight, I have stopped for deer standing in the middle of the road and/or bike path.  But it wasn't a panic stop.   

    3) Every bicycle, no matter how much or how little ridden, should get a check-up or tune-up at a bike shop YEARLY!  The mechanics can spot parts wearing out long before you ever will.               

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