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Help Implantation bleeding? ?

This is going to be a long post I Apologize in advance. So me and him had sex and he used a condom and pulled out but the thing is is that he pulled out and left the condom inside of me and so like I guess his semen was spilling down my legs and I was freaking out (this is only my second time doing this.) He told me it was okay and he had also quickly removed the condom I even went in the shower afterwards but I’ve heard showers don’t rlly help. Next morning I took a plan b this was September 17th a couple hours I’d say 8 or 9 after we did it which was the 16th. I was in my fertile window according to one of the apps I use I use two period tracker apps and both said I ovulate on like 21st/22nd and even today I went to multiple calculators online and they said the same thing. so this happened quite a couple days before my expected ovulation date. And sooo my ovulation ended literally like 2 or 3 days ago but I noticed I had a mixture of light brown to dark brown spotting and it’s beginning to look light pink and I’m extremeeelllly worried could this be implantation bleeding? Or maybe it’s from the plan b?? I heard that plan b does cause menstrual changes but I haven’t had cramping my stomach has been growling a lot I guess but idk what that means and my next period starts October 5th please let me know what you think it could be thank you.

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  • Jill
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    4 weeks ago

    Condoms are really effective when used properly.  Pulling out is not using condoms properly. 

    When you take Plan B you should read the literature that comes with it. If you did you would know that it is likely to have an effect on your normal menstrual cycle. 

    Period/ovulation apps can only give estimates based on past history. They don't consider a hormone dose that you have taken since your last period.  

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Plan B can really mess with your body. It’s basically a massive dose of hormones, so it can throw your cycle out of whack. It can make you bleed when you shouldn’t, and not bleed when you should. Don’t be too alarmed if you don’t get your period on time. Plan B can definitely make you miss it. I wouldn’t consider a little bit of spotting a period. If your period is at least a week late, you might wanna take a pregnancy test just to make sure, but plan b can definitely make you miss it. Just FYI, I wouldn’t recommend having him pull out if he’s wearing a condom. It’s more likely to slip off like it did this time. The whole point of using a condom is that it’s safe for him to do his thing, and the tip of the condom will catch it all. Let him finish, then he can hold the condom in place and pull out before he goes soft. I’ve had condoms end up inside me before too. It’s best not to rush to pull out for no good reason. 

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