The office never finished the report till 4 days after the accident. Never even ran the license plates that were factious and took the ladies word that she had insurance. I have tried repeatedly to talk to the officer but no call back. I checked the ticket on court docs and it states she had insurance but the policy wasn't even valid. Right now she could pay the ticket and waive court for only $140 and she total my 2019 Mitsubishi outlander and my daughters were also in the car. I'm about 99.9% positive she was drunk but the office never subpoenaed her blood alcohol level even though there was a open container on the ground beside her car leaking out on the ground. I don't want her to get away with what she did to me and my family but I also don't want to sue her because it will just cost me money because she is a piece of trash. What can I do? 

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    2 months ago

    What did you tell your insurance company?  They should investigate and sue to recover any damages.  If you want more than the damage to your vehicle and possible medical expenses, you would have to sue on your own.  That could be an exercise in futility. If she couldn't afford to pay her insurance, she probably doesn't have anything worth suing for.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The same thing happened to me a few years ago.  Fake insurance, fake ID and my insurance refused to cover my car which she totaled because she was supposedly insured, although the police later learned it was all fake, even the name.  I sued the woman - Mexican.  Cost me about $325 just to file and serve the lawsuit.  The process server served the woman who answered the door (the woman was also Mexican but did not speak English), showed up in court and said she was not that woman, and she wasn't - a decade or so older.  The culprit had moved.  The judge gave me sh*t for serving the wrong person and dismissed my lawsuit.  I got nothing but grief, medical bills, an injured body, crushed feet, etc. and my nice car was a total loss.  And the democrats want these people in the country, because they will vote democrat, because they let them in.

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