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Why do serial killers feel obligated to kill?

Is it some kind of sexual release? They tend to have very specific paterns. What causes this?

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  • Andy C
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    There are many different types of serial killers and their motives vary widely.   Watch more than Criminal Minds.

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    You can't really lump all serial killers into the same category. The two main types, and there are several, are psychopaths and sociopaths. 

    Sociopaths are empty mostly emotionless vessels, they don't feel happiness or sadness, guilt or remorse. They don't have any empathy for other people, but they can pass themselves off as a regular person. Why they choose to kill isn't totally understood, as many people feel very little emotion yet never choose to kill. The sociopath that does choose to start taking lives may do it simply because they can. This is a very broad strokes interpretation, and there are varying circumstances for each individual, though some common characteristics. The show Dexter is a pretty good example of a sociopath though.

    Psychopaths are somewhat the opposite. They have need to kill. And they are driven by that need. Some get sexual release from the act. Typically these are the sexual sadists type, but not all of them are driven by sexual desire. The psychopath is what you might just call crazy, Some here voices that tell them to kill others fixate on people that remind them of someone, often their mother, and they act out their rage on people who look like the person they are actually obsessed with. Again this is a very generalized summation.

    Criminal Minds is a pretty good television program that delves into the psychology of serial killers,. It's Hoolywood-ized of course, but the consultants that helped the writers were pretty sound when it came to some of the psychology.

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