Are there any foreigners in the Norwegian police forces?

I was watching "the snowman" and I think it is odd that the explanation of the finger print scanner is given in english, and then it donned on me, that Fassbender, his boss, the lady, and many others are foreigners

I remember in the show Lillyhammer that most if not 99% of the characters are Norwegians, and I thought(And might be horribly wrong) that norway was a "norway is for the norwegians" kind of place, so, that is why I got this doubt.

Are there any foreigners working in the police forces(Or any other public services) or is this just for the sake of the movie?

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  • 2 weeks ago

    If I look at the Norwegian police academy's home page, it says that you must be a Norwegian citizen at the latest March 1st of the year of your application. So all Norwegian policemen are Norwegian citizens, but they don't have to be born Norwegian citizens.

    I would also assume that it isn't unusual for foreigners or people not originally of Norwegian descent to work in public service jobs. It's not unusual here in Denmark at least.

    For equipment some could have instructions from the manufacturer on the machine and then there should be a paper or online translation somewhere. Or there are different language settings or which one could be English and they haven't bothered to switch it to Norwegian (I e.g. don't switch factory setting from English to Danish).

    For Lillyhammer, I believe it was supposed to take place in Lillehammer, where you might not encounter as many foreigners as in Oslo. One of the reasons why Lillyhammer was funny was also that the main character was one of the few (if not the only? I forget) foreigners there, so they might also have slanted the story in that direction.

    As a Dane and having read various comments and questions here over the years, some seem to have the idea that Scandinavia and the Nordic countries in general are more homogeneous than we actually are. E.g. I knew right away that someone answering a question in here was lying, because they said that people in Copenhagen were staring at them because they had brown hair, and one little kid even asked his mum about the strangers' weird coloured hair (in English apparently, since they could understand what he said).  ;)

  • Zirp
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    4 weeks ago

    I supposed some people of foreign descent work as norwegian police. Also, English is a mandatory subject in norwegian schools, and a TV-series may be in

    English for export-purposes

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