Where can I find the fuel filter on Chevy G20?

It is a 1990 model. I crawled under the van and look everywhere but simply could not find that little filter. I checked YouTube videos which suggest a few possible location but no good. Where can it be? I am hoping someone who has the experience of the same van to tell me where it is. Different year has a different layout I suppose.

My engine wont start. I towed it to the mechanic and they said nothing wrong at all. They could start it no problem. I took it back and seemed normal until I filled the gas tank full, the problem came back. It started then died but then revived again. The next day, it refused to start since.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Start at the fuel tank and work your way toward the engine. Sooner or later you'll find it! 

    Go to a GM dealership parts department and have them show you in the parts catalog. 

    Look at one at the auto parts store.  At least you'll see what it looks like. 

    Connect a fuel pressure test gauge to the fuel pressure test port on the fuel rail.  How much pressure do you have?  It could be your FUEL PUMP that isn't working.  They can become intermittent as they fail. 

    How many million miles does your 31 year old vehicle have on the odometer?

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