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If the opposite sex always ignores you then you're ugly but what if everyone ignores you?

What are you then.

Why does everyone ignore me. Ever since high school no one wanted to be friends with me

And now in college everyone gives me the silent treatment as if i had the plague or something

Yeah I'm not entitled to social interaction but neither am i obligated to serve you and the state or pay taxes to an enemy world

So when i try to commit suicide please don't intervene and try to stop me

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    You carried that Bad Attitude with you to College. When you don't make eye contact and smile or grin at people they think that you don't want to be approached. That's just Human Nature. And if you're not Happy with yourself you can't be Happy with anyone. Quit punishing yourself for not being pretty, a lot of people aren't pretty. I'll bet you don't wear nice clothes as part of your punishment. You need an Attitude Adjustment, Meditation might work for that. It allows you to look inside past the mental defenses of your conscious mind. Your defenses seem to portray the World as your enemy and you've built a wall to protect you. You should want to do something good with your life. Not just throw it away. But it's hard when you don't have any Motivation or Ambition. It would be good if you found something that you love to do that makes money. Confucius, 500 years before Jesus, said: Work at what you love and you'll never work another day. He's obviously saying it doesn't seem like work when you love it. You could try volunteering to help animals or people or nature. It would give you a sense of purpose that you don't seem to have now. Of course the Virus makes that hard now, but in the future you should consider it. If you want, we could chat I'll do my best to Inspire you to be a better person to yourself.

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    It's cuz your a freak

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