Would police story be a good basis for a Star Trek series?

Police story was a show that featured different actors in different precincts in different cities each episode. If there was a Star Trek series based on that every episode would be about a different ship and crew. This would be different because they would be able to recycle the sets, new and old, and they wouldn’t have to pay recurring actors. The cost of the surgeries would be drastically reduced. And most importantly the characters and ships can die. You would never know how a story is going to end, unlike currently where you know the main characters can’t die. 


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    Yeah that sounds like an intresting idea. I know Star Trek has done a sort of version of this idea multiple times in its books, where multiple ships have encountered the same mysterious time traveling alien race throughout its history. For example, the aliens will encounter the next generation ship, and then they’ll go back in time and encounter the original series ship, and then they’ll go forward in time and encounter a ship that Riker is the captain of in the future, and slowly the reader will learn more about the aliens but the characters in the story never know the full picture. That would be a cool idea as a series if you were thinking of doing a story like that but with all different ships. With a concept like that tho, I’d warn you not to always end with everyone dying because that gets very predictable, that’s what the marvel what if comics often did in the 80s and 90s and it became boring to read. But anyway I would definitely check out a Star Trek anthology series with all different tones and characters that sounds interesting.

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    No way.................

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