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How can Trumptards call themselves patriots if they put Trump first, Gee Old Pee second, and country way down the list, behind tax cuts?

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    4 weeks ago

    they are not smart enough to know any better.

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    The nation Donald Trump describes is the nation that I want.  I don't want Joe Biden's socialistic nation because mankind needs to know that he is working for the betterment of his family and not every other family in America.  For instance, I cook breakfast for my family every morning.  Would I cook breakfast for your family every morning?  No - I would not and neither would you.  Everything is NOT all equal as socialism wants.  If I'm the only one working, do you think I want the non worker getting my benefits?  As a good person, I may do it for awhile, but I would get tired of seeing my neighbor sitting on his backside and me working.  I don't mind helping the disabled or the elderly, but I have a big problem with the lazy.

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    1 month ago

    The thing is most "Trumptards" are not GOP members- they are independents and in some states GOP (the Dixiecrats).

    They voted for Trump because the other candidate at the time was seen as a threat to our national security.

    Now I can't claim Trump is the best president we ever had- because he isn't! He was the least offensive candidate running for office.

    It appears to me he is still the least offensive candidate running for office.

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    1 month ago

    They worship their own politicians and religious figures and not God or human beings. There's always another pretext for waging war.   

    They fight against evils across the world before they deal with corruption, deception, and violence in their own government.

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