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If god really exists why is this world **** and there’s murders rapists and pedophiles around if apparently he’s watching over us ? ?

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  • How wood i know when i've masterdebated to better thoughts than those according to Proverbs 15:26? <Can More Than a Khanqueror Uncle Travus Tsuper Kuiper Juan Amongst a Trillion DuMore Good by Any and All Holy Means Necessary in The Almighty Name of The LORD YaHaVaH Who Was Is and Will Be The Only True God and None Other Than our Great God The Righteous Tsalvation of Justice Anointed KING of kings LORD of lords GOD of gods The Tsupreme and The Only Potentate JESUS CHRIST Tzedekelizedek HaMashiach a High Priest Forever and Ever and Evermore According to  the Order of Melchizedek Amen Hallelujah i Believe?>

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    Your beliefs create your reality. God has nothing to do with falseness. All your beliefs are false.

  • Archer
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    1 month ago

    You know most will profess "it is all Gods plan" yet they seem to have issues with that plan.

  • God watches over his faithful, not over evil people, they will be accountable to God on the day of their judgment!

    For rapists, murderers and pedophiles, thieves, etc., you must tell your god, Satan, he is the author of evil, and he suggests it to his beloved human children.

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    The existence of evil in no way negates the truth of God.  But it does demonstrates that He is granting common grace for the chance of those who will repent and trust in Him.

    If God wiped out evil the moment it first appeared, no one would currently exist, so it is an act of His grace.

  • God
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    Its because after eve ate gods magical fruit he gave us freewill. Lol. Yes, that is what Christians believe. 

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    Those issues are man caused events.

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