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My attorney and the prosecutor isn’t looking to put me in jail for first time misdemeanor of public indecency what will happen at sentencing?

I’m going to counseling already will the judge still put me in jail the judge is a reasonable person and nice I’ve got told 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I have no idea why you are posting this over and over.  Is your attorney aware of your very specific questions?

    You were masturbating in front of a child in a public rest room.  Yes, the prosecutor IS looking to put you in jail.  You are surprised that YOUR attorney isn't looking to put you in jail?  If he is, find another attorney.

    Counseling is immaterial. The Judge being "reasonable and nice" is immaterial.  If you masturbated in front of MY child you'd have serious problems.  One of them would be your decision to wave your penis around in a public rest room.

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